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How Community-Funder Collaboratives Can Build Regional Power

by Dana Kawaoka-Chen / December 6, 2019

“Can funders and grassroots organizations form authentic partnership to align philanthropic resources around movement-identified priorities and support regional power building infrastructure?”

5 Lessons to Guide the Transition to a More Just Philanthropy

by Dana Kawaoka-Chen / December 4, 2018

“What we have learned from engaging with some of today’s most forward-thinking leaders in philanthropy is that transformation requires us to acknowledge the harm that has been done to communities through extraction and exploitation. We must bring an end to the processes and practices that reinforce existing centers of power, and instead employ practices that allow communities historically harmed through extraction and exploitation to self-govern.”

Are You Ready for a Vision of Philanthropy?

by Maria Nakae / May 9, 2018

“While we know it will take years – even decades – to truly undergo a Just Transition in philanthropy, there is no doubt that the time is NOW for funders to get on board – rather than getting left behind while upholding the status quo to maintain their wealth, power and privilege.”


#SolidarityDefenseAction Closing Comments

by Dana Kawaoka-Chen / February 13, 2018

“Asking ourselves “what is necessary?” is similar to a question that I hear often in philanthropy, “What should we do?” However, when we ask ourselves what is necessary, it requires us to acknowledge the nested systems of oppression that are in operation vs. when we ask ourselves what we should do, it allows us to operate from whatever privilege we may have. “What should we do?” becomes a choice vs. answering “what is necessary?” hones focus on what needs to be done.”


Funding Grassroots Movement Building

An interview with Dana Kawaoka-Chen / September 14, 2016

“A move to a strategic philanthropic and data-driven, results-oriented approach often works against deeply transformational work of organizations, as it requires a smaller, narrower focus or goals….Some organizations can get stuck trying to make benchmarks in particular programs rather than thinking about larger transformational impact.”


Changing Funder Habits to Change the Game 

by Dana Kawaoka-Chen / December 12, 2014

“I am clear that we in philanthropy need new habits to support new ways of intersectional organizing, as well as new habits to radically transform the very systems that allow and perpetuate state violence without accountability. We need new habits because the very definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over, yet expect different results.”


What Do We Stand For?

by Dana Kawaoka-Chen / June 29, 2014

“What is the role of philanthropic affinity groups?  And how do we both support our members in an “inside change strategy” as well as help push an “outside change strategy” that keeps philanthropy accountable, while continuing to lift-up work that centers the values of love, social justice and movements led by those most impacted by inequity?”